A Poem for my wife.

When we forgive, we love


The clouds were rolling in, the sky grew darker and winds whistled mischievously

Yet, on that beach was a moment of light, a moment of love delivered by the unseen

Two hearts were reborn with the love and forgiveness of God

The clouds continued to dance; the wind blew the old away and delivered the new


A little girl praying to have a true love, a prayer offered every night to our father

A dream snatched by the devil’s laugh

The demons of his twisted soul trying to take the life from God’s children

A small boy tormented and broken, fodder for the smiling Lucifer


When we forgive, we love

And when we love, God’s light shines upon us as his heart glows with pride

A level of forgiveness delivered through the sacrifice of our Lord

A level of love that is unrivaled


We continue our walk in the grace of he who loves us

Lucifer no longer lives in our home; he has been defeated

A lifetime of true love offered and accepted

God reached down and held our hearts, he smiled and breathed a new life into our souls


He is particularly fond of who we are becoming