Trump! Keeping his word….

And it goes a little something like this….

Donald Trump repeatedly vowed to “wipe the hell out of ISIS”.  Thank you Mr. President for staying true to your word.

Within a year, the Islamist terror group that gained so much ground and support during Barack Obama’s tenure has been forced from Syria and Iraq.  I had hoped to head over to Syria as a government contractor again to do some more fighting but the wife put that idea to bed pretty fast! hahaha    The money is good but I value her love more!

I have read articles where experts are saying this success is down to Trump authorizing his military commanders, led by SOD Mad Dog Gen. Mattis, to do what they needed to do without getting bogged down by politicians in Washington.

I don’t think we are complacent about the ongoing threat of ISIS (see today in NYC) and it’s supporters continuing to commit terrorist acts on civilian soil as they are driven from the battlefield.  But the importance of kicking them out of Iraq and Syria cannot be overstated.

At every campaign rally, Trump promised economic growth, get jobs going again, and stock market increases.

That’s happening people!!

Trump promised to confirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move the US Embassy there from Tel Aviv.  He initially exercised his right to waive that decision in June, however has made good on his promise and kept true to his word last week.  I personally think it’s a potentially dangerous move that has already created unwanted violent clashes, but you can’t say he didn’t vow to do it if he got elected because he did, repeatedly.

These three momentous things follow a long line of promises Trump has kept.

He has moved to examine the Iran nuclear deal which was a gift to them by Hilary Clinton,  has finally stood up to North Korea and the increased threat it shows to the world.  He started work on repairing and strengthening the Mexican wall along the Southern border.  (just the threat of it has led to a 38% fall in illegal immigrants coming over that border since he was elected).

The Supreme Court recently approved his revised and controversial travel ban on residents of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

By contrast, Obama,  a person liked and admired by almost the entire world I think, failed on many of his biggest promises including pledges to close Guantanamo Bay, get new gun control laws, create a path to citizenship for  illegals immigrants, reform Washington, and end the war in Afghanistan.  I still remember his disastrous decisions that negatively and dangerously impacted my time over there.

Donald Trump is not a perfect president in many ways and I say that as someone who likes him.

Yet there can be no doubt now that President Trump is a man who is delivering on his promises to the people who voted for him.

I think they love what they see in the president, warts and all.  There are times I wince and cringe at things he says, having said this,  he can be brutally honest and absolutely to the point; which I honestly find refreshing and rather provoking.

He’s got ISIS on the run, illegal immigration back under control, jobs pouring back, the economy roaring again, and the lying all powerful fake media back in it’s box.

Love him or hate him, Trump’s doing exactly what he told us he’d do.


Author: Michael Owen

I'm from England and moved to the US in my mid 20's. I served in the US Army for 8 years and deployed over seas 3 times between 2006 and 2013. I'm now 39 and am married to a wonderful, beautiful woman from Massachusetts. She has been my rock during some very dark personal struggles with my combat PTSD and continues to support me daily! We recently relocated to Texas with our pup! I work for the federal government and am a die hard Manchester United fan!

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